Welcome to Belgrade

Dear Colleague,

You are cordially invited to participate at the VII International School and Conference on Photonics - PHOTONICA2019 that will take place in Belgrade, Serbia (August 26 - August 30, 2019).

PHOTONICA2019 will include five days of tutorial, keynote and invited lectures, progress reports, contributed talks and poster presentations. It is conceived as a school for educating young scientists and the conference facilitating the exchange of new ideas and knowledge in cutting-edge research in Europe and beyond. It brings together not only the scientists from academic and government research institutions, but also the partners from high-tech industry. This concept proved to be very successful in the last six meetings, with participation of more than 200 eminent scientists, young researchers, and companies representatives from the field of photonics.

We are looking forward to seeing you at PHOTONICA2019 in August 2019!

PHOTONICA2019 will host Machine Learning with Photonics Symposium: ML-Photonica 2019, August 26th-27th.

The symposium is beeing co-organized with Prof. Darko Zibar and programme partners H2020 - MULTIPLY, H2020-RISE-CARDIALLY and H2020-EID-FONTE.

Microsoft Development Center Serbia, as the sponsor of ML-Photonica2019, invites you to visit their booth on Monday from 5pm in front of the Main hall. You will have the opportunity to talk with Microsoft engineers about topics from the fields of optics, machine learning and mixed reality and try out a HoloLens demo. Join them to find out more about what is being developed in Serbia and get familiar with this cutting-edge center in the region!

PHOTONICA2019 will host Regional Workshop of European synchrotron and FEL user organisation - ESUO, August 28th.

PHOTONICA2019 will host COST Action CA16221 - Quantum Technologies with Ultra-Cold Atoms - AtomQT, August 29th-30th.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of our sponsors:





American Elements, global manufacturer of high purity metals, nanopowders, composites, biosensors, nanotubes for optics, biotechnology and nanospectroscopy applications